anon me 5 things you would put on a pentagram to summon me



123D Catch is an I-Phone and Android App that allows you to create 3D models by taking a bunch of pictures from various directions. These models can later be 3D printed. (Website)

Y O U    W O U L D N ’ T    D O W N L O A D    A    P E R S O N

as soon as they said the interview was gonna be in an office i said to myself “its simon cowell” and then it was


"Conversations really are the best after 3 am. The heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words and silence is not awkward it’s shared." -Dau Voire (via psych-facts)

The guys making fun of harry cause he is showing off his arms … (c)

made for kristie


ppl who arent american during halloween season: the fuck is going on???